ETU Aquathlon Champs confirmed & swim video

Yay, it was confirmed this week that I’ve qualified to race in Cologne this June as a part of the GB age group team. I knew that I had a good chance of qualifying as I’d met the criteria but it’s always good to get it confirmed in writing. Aquathlon is usually a swim/run if the water is cold enough to wear a wet suit (below 22degs) or run/swim/run if non wet suit. I’ve never done the later but may get my first experience in Cologne if we get a hot spring and early summer, which should be interesting- do you run in your swim cap and goggles?!

I had a bit of a scare on Monday this week when my knee gave way on me throughout the day, given my knee issues I dreaded the worse, however after some foam rolling and massage I found the tight spot causing it and managed to release the pain. A trip to see Simon the sports masseur confirmed a tight IT band – phew!

We had fun at swim squad this week when Adam filmed us all with his gopro. The analysis shows two key areas where I can make some improvements with my stroke. Something for me to work on which will hopefully see my swim times come down if I can crack it.

I had a longer than planned bike ride today after I took a wrong turn in Cranfield and added on an extra 10miles to my planned route and had to call home at one point to ask Mark which way I needed to go! Amazing how much my cycling has improved over the two years I’ve been doing it, the extra 10mile route used to be my long ride on its own, today it was added after an already 2hr ride.

A long run to do tomorrow and then I’ve got 3 whole days rest in preparation for my annual pilgrimage to Club La Santa for some warm weather training. Really looking forward to some sunshine. Will be getting in some long rides with the cycling boys and girls, which always helps me improve my cycling skills and confidence and am going to take out the tri bars to work on my riding skills in the aero position. As I’m training for my first long swim of 10k this summer, I’m also going to take the opportunity of a 50m outdoor heated pool and the lagoon to get some long swims in. And of course, we can’t forget the crazy golf champs! 



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  1. dad · March 1, 2015

    Have a nice holiday love mum & dad X


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