Winter training in Lanzarote 

This is the 3rd year we have been to Club La Santa in Lanzarote, an opportunity for some winter sun and to get in some great training with our friends. This year didn’t disappoint and the weather gods looked down on us with temperatures in the mid to high 20’s most days, perfect for the mix of training and relaxing that we did.

The first year that we went there (2013) I had just started triathlon and had purchased my first road bike as an adult a few months prior to going. I remember the longest ride being about 14k and the wind terrified me so much that at one point I got off my bike and refused to go any further as I thought I was going to get blown off the island and die (those that know me will know that I can be quite stubborn and determined when I want to be!). Last year was a better riding experience but I still had a lot of fear and burst into tears at 1 coffee stop with a mixture of relief and exhaustion. Wow, what a difference in my cycling this year – 14.5hrs riding saw me visit other parts of the island including going up and down Fire Mountain and the wind became my friend rather than my enemy, helping me to clock an impressive 43.3mph fastest speed.

Another great thing about La Santa is the opportunity to get some great swimming done in the 50m outdoor pools and the lagoon. This gave me an opportunity to get in some long swims in preparation for my 10k swim later this year, practice the technique changes identified in my swim analysis and get some open water swimming done. I had a couple of breakthroughs with my technique and managed to build up to a 5k continuous swim. There were a number of swim squads from other countries out there training, it’s always so nice to see how effortlessly those guys swim, and it wasn’t too much of a hardship having to watch the Italian men’s swimming team training!

I did a bit of running too, but having had a sore knee the preceding week and with the heat and terrain (volcanic rock) to run in I didn’t push it. I did however take part in the CLS 10k race and given that I made the decision to race 10mins before the race start whilst lying on my sun lounger, I was delighted with my time. Oh yes, and I was 1st lady, but not too hard when there were only 2 of us who completed the 10k distance, with everyone else opting for the 5k loop. It must have been my lucky night as I also got a ‘Hole in one’ in our annual crazy golf championships! 

Back to reality now and the daily challenge of fitting in training around work and life. I’m looking forward to my final few weeks of training before the triathlon race season starts and have started a new nutrition plan which is motivating too. I’ve entered the NiceTri Duathlon at the end of this Month which is around the Bedford Aerodrome so looking forward to testing my newly found cycling skills. 


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